University of Kansas Librarians “In Solidarity with UC Librarians”

Our librarian colleagues from the University of Kansas library system have issued a letter of support for our fight for academic freedom.  Read their blog post, In Solidarity with UC Librarians, and see below the text of the letter sent to UC President Napolitano and the UC Board of Regents. UC-AFT is grateful for their … Continue reading University of Kansas Librarians “In Solidarity with UC Librarians”

Our Salary Presentation to UCOP

2018 UC-AFT Unit Salary Proposal Presented at Bargaining Session 6, August 28, 2018, UC San Diego The following is a transcript of UC-AFT's salary proposal, as read by UCSD librarians Laurel Mcphee and Dominique Turnbow, with contributions from UCD librarian Adam Siegel. Good morning. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to be here today, making … Continue reading Our Salary Presentation to UCOP

Academic Freedom petition exceeds 1000 signatures

In less than 10 days, our Petition in support of UC Librarians and Academic Freedom has garnered over 1000 signatures. About half of the signatures are from faculty, librarians, students, staff and alumni of the University of California. The rest are from fellow librarians and faculty from around the country and across the globe – … Continue reading Academic Freedom petition exceeds 1000 signatures

Solidarity from Santa Barbara

Responses to our union's demand for academic freedom, and UC's denial of it, have been overwhelming!  We are receiving support from all over the nation and our great state of California, including Santa Barbara (which is no surprise, as we have a UC campus and beautiful new library addition there!) First up, check out this … Continue reading Solidarity from Santa Barbara

UC-AFT Bargaining Update #6

UC Administration met with the UC-AFT Librarians’ Table Team for our sixth bargaining session on Tuesday, August 28th at the UC San Diego campus. In the morning there was a very strong turnout of dozens of observers, comprised mostly of Unit 17 librarians from UCSD, many staying throughout the entire session. It was noted throughout … Continue reading UC-AFT Bargaining Update #6