Our Struggle Is One

UC librarians are working for a fair contract that includes recognition of the role of academic freedom in allowing us to carry out the teaching and research mission of the UC. In talking about that, we have sometimes used careless language implying that we don't value our library staff colleagues and their contributions to our … Continue reading Our Struggle Is One


The Santa Barbara Independent covers librarian bargaining

Check out this article on moving forward with negotiations: "UC Santa Barbara Librarians Push for Wage Equality, Academic Freedom." More at: https://www.independent.com/news/2018/may/08/uc-santa-barbara-librarians-push-wage-equality-aca/

UCSB student shows support for librarians with “bookmarks and solidarity”

UCSB student newspaper, The Bottom Line, has published another article on contract negotiations. This time, the focus is on a chemistry student, Michael Kile, who is raising awareness of the negotiations by sharing "I ❤ UC Librarians" bookmarks. The full article is available at: UC Librarians’ Fight for a Pay Raise with Support from a UCSB … Continue reading UCSB student shows support for librarians with “bookmarks and solidarity”

Bargaining Update #2

The second day of bargaining between UC-AFT and UC took place at the UC Irvine campus on April 24.   In the morning, UC-AFT presented a new article which guarantees Academic Freedom to all librarians, so that they may fulfill their responsibilities for teaching, scholarship, and research. The proposal also includes a section saying librarians … Continue reading Bargaining Update #2

Academic Freedom and Copyright Ownership bargaining proposal

This post reflects the opening statement presented by the UC-AFT Table Team on 4/27/18 at UC Irvine, presented to the UC Bargaining Team as background information for the proposed new article on Academic Freedom. Academic Freedom UC-AFT proposes that changes be made to Article 1, and continued in more detail in this new article, to … Continue reading Academic Freedom and Copyright Ownership bargaining proposal