Agenda for Oct. 6 and Oct. 13 Meetings

Members of the Unit 17 Bargaining Committee will be assembling on October 6 and October 13. All other interested members of Unit 17 are also invited to attend these regional meeting in preparation for bargaining.

The times and locations are as follows:

Saturday, October 6, 2007
9:30 am to 12 noon (to be followed by UC-AFT Council meeting)
UC Berkeley Faculty Club

Saturday, October 13, 2007
9:30 am to 12 noon
UCLA College Library


Here is the tentative agenda for the meetings:

9:30 Welcome and Introductions

9:45 Review of bargaining process under HEERA/Review of recent
Unit 18 and Unit 17 experiences with UC

10:00 Discussion of structure and process for Unit 17 Bargaining

— Bargaining Committee with two members from each campus to approve
proposals, convene via conference calls and via e-mail for
decision-making during negotiations, will be charged with
communication back to local)

— possibility of smaller negotiating team drawn from committee
(explanation of reasons for smaller team based on Unit 18 experiences)

— need for ground rules for process:

a. communication by negotiating team with bargaining committee (when, how?)
b. decision-making at committee level — how will this be done?
(votes, consensus?) methods of communication? (via e-mail with
time-limited calls for final decision-making?)
c. commitment expected of Bargaining Committee members?
d. replacement/substitution of members of bargaining committee?
e. process for communication with locals and entire unit (who is
responsible? How often? meetings, e-mail lists, blogs?) Issues of
confidentiality during bargaining.

10:45 — topical review of bargaining issues

consensus issues:

— salary
— support for professional development
— workload

extension of grievances powers:
— discretion in choice of activities
— “alternative arrangements” holiday closures
— full grievance rights on discrimination claims

other possible issues:
— process for crediting required weekend/evening reference shifts?
— MOU dismissal process
— protection of unit work/language to bar reclassification of
librarian positions

what Unit 17 should have:

— sabbatical
— full access to Univ. programs that subsidize housing/childcare

other issues?

11:45 Process for preparation of initial proposals by Bargaining Committee

— strategic discussion of major issues — i.e. approaches to salary?
approaches to workload? Should these be scheduled as phone calls?

— preparation/review of proposals — process for this?


All represented librarians are welcome to attend. If you are not yet a member of UC-AFT,
you can join at the meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Karen Sawislak
UC-AFT Executive Director

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