Daily Cal article on the start of bargaining

Be sure to read this article in Berkeley's own Daily Californian, covering the lunchtime rally in front of the Doe library on our first day of bargaining... http://www.dailycal.org/2018/04/17/uc-librarians-begin-contract-negotiations-higher-salaries/  


Bargaining Update #1

Bargaining has begun!  On April 17 at the UC Berkeley Doe Library, your Table Team of member librarians from UC-AFT met with UCOP Labor Relations to bargain the successor agreement for the UC-AFT Unit 17 MOU. The session began just after 10:00am with opening statements and introductions, and the UC-AFT librarians did not disappoint.  Leading … Continue reading Bargaining Update #1

Bargaining starts April 17 – sign the petition!

One day until bargaining begins, Tuesday April 17th on the UC Berkeley campus. Be sure to sign the petition linked below in support of our bargaining efforts! https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/uclibrarians Support University of California Librarians Did you know… The UC Libraries devote well under half their budgets to library collections and Librarian salaries? Did you know... Librarians are tireless … Continue reading Bargaining starts April 17 – sign the petition!

Sunshine call-in meetings are usually quiet affairs. Not this time!

As mentioned in an earlier post, both sides have “sunshined” the articles they intend to open in this round of bargaining on April 2nd. By law, the sunshine process also requires two open meetings, so that anyone can ask questions or express concerns to either side before formal bargaining begins. These meetings are held in … Continue reading Sunshine call-in meetings are usually quiet affairs. Not this time!

UC and UC-AFT have now “sunshined”

Late last week, bargaining quietly began with an important procedural maneuver - the UC's negotiating team shared their "sunshine" list (UC Initial Proposals - 2018 Successor) with the UC-AFT Chief Negotiator, Axel Borg.  This is a list of the articles in the current MOU for which the UC negotiators are going to propose changes. Our … Continue reading UC and UC-AFT have now “sunshined”

Sixteen months of Bargaining Preparation

To hear our most seasoned veterans describe it, this bargaining campaign is already shaping up much differently than any previous effort. There is an unprecedented enthusiasm and depth to the participation by the membership! But, it didn’t happen by accident; many of our brothers and sisters in Unit 17 have been working hard to get … Continue reading Sixteen months of Bargaining Preparation