California Teacher magazine: Librarians are determined to win a better contract

California Teacher magazine, a publication of our "parent" union California Federation of Teachers (CFT), has published a profile of our bargaining campaign.  It features unit members Laurel McPhee, Marty Brennan and Maggie Hughes, talking about three (of many) issues/aspects of this campaign.

Roundup of great writings on Academic Freedom

Thanks to increasing pressure from our supporters, UC Administration has certainly changed their tone on academic freedom, but their answer is still NO. Check out the latest bargaining update for more details. As of this writing, signatures on our Petition in support of UC Librarians and Academic Freedom are nearing 2000!  If you can think of … Continue reading Roundup of great writings on Academic Freedom

Bargaining @ UCLA Sept. 26th: A Day in Pictures

UC-AFT librarians and their allies made a serious impression on the UCLA campus on Sept. 26th, while bargaining with UCOP.  In a lunchtime march from YRL to Powell, UC Librarians placed tape over their mouths, to dramatize the denial of academic freedom rights at the bargaining table.  Passers-by were shocked not by the demonstration, but … Continue reading Bargaining @ UCLA Sept. 26th: A Day in Pictures

UC-AFT Bargaining Update #8

UC Administration met with the UC-AFT Librarians’ Table Team for our eighth bargaining session on Tuesday, August 28th at the UCLA campus. UC administration began the morning with a request to extend the contract, as expected. As we have previously informed the membership, we informed the UC that we do not intend to extend the … Continue reading UC-AFT Bargaining Update #8