AAUP’s ACADEME Blog recaps Oct. 19 Berkeley bargaining and protest

Our staunch ally Hank Reichman stood with us at Berkeley as we protested at Noon on Oct. 19th.  He was one of the speakers on the steps of the Doe Library, reading comments posted on our Academic Freedom petition, surrounded by librarians with their mouths symbolically taped shut.  He then marched with us to the … Continue reading AAUP’s ACADEME Blog recaps Oct. 19 Berkeley bargaining and protest

Promises, Promises

Just this week, the University of California, in a statement to the Daily Cal, reiterated its purported goals as it continues to bargain with our union: UC spokesperson Danielle Smith said the university’s goal is to reach a long-term agreement with the UC-AFT, including competitive pay, health care and retirement benefits. Let's take a look … Continue reading Promises, Promises

California Teacher magazine: Librarians are determined to win a better contract

California Teacher magazine, a publication of our "parent" union California Federation of Teachers (CFT), has published a profile of our bargaining campaign.  It features unit members Laurel McPhee, Marty Brennan and Maggie Hughes, talking about three (of many) issues/aspects of this campaign.

A Tale of Two Salary Proposals

On September 26th, UCOP issued a document entitled “APPROVAL OF MARKET-BASED SALARY ADJUSTMENT FOR M. ELIZABETH COWELL AS UNIVERSITY LIBRARIAN, SANTA CRUZ CAMPUS AS DISCUSSED IN CLOSED SESSION.” The Regents approved the recommendation at their September 27 meeting. The document declares “The President of the University recommends approval for a market-based salary adjustment for M. … Continue reading A Tale of Two Salary Proposals

UC-AFT Bargaining Update #8

UC Administration met with the UC-AFT Librarians’ Table Team for our eighth bargaining session on Tuesday, August 28th at the UCLA campus. UC administration began the morning with a request to extend the contract, as expected. As we have previously informed the membership, we informed the UC that we do not intend to extend the … Continue reading UC-AFT Bargaining Update #8