Daily Cal Op Ed: “Libraries are the heart of UC Berkeley”

Be sure to read the excellent column in today's Daily Californian, written by the UC-AFT Unit 17 librarians at Berkeley.  Well done, sisters and brothers! http://www.dailycal.org/2018/03/22/libraries-are-heart-of-uc-berkeley/  


Sixteen months of Bargaining Preparation

To hear our most seasoned veterans describe it, this bargaining campaign is already shaping up much differently than any previous effort. There is an unprecedented enthusiasm and depth to the participation by the membership! But, it didn’t happen by accident; many of our brothers and sisters in Unit 17 have been working hard to get … Continue reading Sixteen months of Bargaining Preparation

2018 Bargaining Table Team Meeting

On February 24, 2018, the UC-AFT Librarians' Table Team met at the Burbank CFT offices to kick off the bargaining season. We spent the morning discussing our ground rules and priorities for bargaining with UCOP, including where we would like bargaining to take place (on our campuses, that is!).  We then discussed plans for communicating out … Continue reading 2018 Bargaining Table Team Meeting

Re-Opener Bargaining Tentative Agreement Ratification Details

Now that we have reached a tentative agreement (TA) with UC regarding our salary and professional development, we need to vote to ratify the TA.  Please review the tentative agreements (linked here) for Article 3 Professional Activities and Development and Article 13 Salary. If the TA is ratified: All represented librarians will receive a base salary increase of 1.5% retroactive to … Continue reading Re-Opener Bargaining Tentative Agreement Ratification Details

Re-Opener Bargaining Tentative Agreement Reached

Librarian Bargaining Update: Tentative Agreement Reached! Dear Fellow Union Librarians, Your librarian bargaining team met with UCOP Labor Relations on Monday, October 17 to present our counter-proposal to their latest offer.  As you may recall, UC offered us a 1% base salary increase (with no retroactive pay from July 1) and no additional funding for … Continue reading Re-Opener Bargaining Tentative Agreement Reached

Bargaining Update #3 — August 31, 2016

Your bargaining team met with UCOP Labor Relations today to hear their response to our proposals for salary and professional development increases.  As you may recall, our major proposals were for a 5% base salary increase and $2,000 per year professional development money for each librarian. The University gave us a counterproposal to our salary … Continue reading Bargaining Update #3 — August 31, 2016

Bargaining Update #2 and T-Shirt Action

UC-AFT's librarian bargaining team met with UC administrators in Oakland on July 6. This was the first session since May 24 when our team passed proposals on Salary and Professional Development funding. UC librarian salaries lag significantly behind librarian salaries at other local, state and private institutions in California.  Professional Development funding for librarians is inadequate and levels vary from campus … Continue reading Bargaining Update #2 and T-Shirt Action