Bargaining Update #4

Bargaining Update #4 The fourth day of bargaining between UC-AFT and UC took place at UCLA on July 26th.  In a welcome break with tradition , the UC team arrived promptly at 10:00am, ready to begin negotiations.  This update will summarize the events as succinctly as possible; we will have more details, and more to … Continue reading Bargaining Update #4

Re-Opener Bargaining Tentative Agreement Reached

Librarian Bargaining Update: Tentative Agreement Reached! Dear Fellow Union Librarians, Your librarian bargaining team met with UCOP Labor Relations on Monday, October 17 to present our counter-proposal to their latest offer.  As you may recall, UC offered us a 1% base salary increase (with no retroactive pay from July 1) and no additional funding for … Continue reading Re-Opener Bargaining Tentative Agreement Reached

Bargaining Update #3 — August 31, 2016

Your bargaining team met with UCOP Labor Relations today to hear their response to our proposals for salary and professional development increases.  As you may recall, our major proposals were for a 5% base salary increase and $2,000 per year professional development money for each librarian. The University gave us a counterproposal to our salary … Continue reading Bargaining Update #3 — August 31, 2016

Bargaining Update #2 and T-Shirt Action

UC-AFT's librarian bargaining team met with UC administrators in Oakland on July 6. This was the first session since May 24 when our team passed proposals on Salary and Professional Development funding. UC librarian salaries lag significantly behind librarian salaries at other local, state and private institutions in California.  Professional Development funding for librarians is inadequate and levels vary from campus … Continue reading Bargaining Update #2 and T-Shirt Action

Bargaining Update #1 — May 24, 2016

Our bargaining team, met with UCOP Labor Relations and representatives from across the UC system on Tuesday, May 24.  Chief Negotiator Axel Borg opened with a discussion of our 3 C’s for addressing librarian salaries and professional development funding: Competitiveness: we need to have salaries that are competitive with our colleagues in the California community colleges and … Continue reading Bargaining Update #1 — May 24, 2016

Librarian Bargaining Survey 2016

Dear Librarian Colleagues, In our last e-mail, we let you know that UC-AFT has the opportunity to re-open two articles from the MOU this year. But which articles are we planning to re-open? That’s up to you, the UC-AFT members! We want to know which issues are the most important to you. Are you concerned … Continue reading Librarian Bargaining Survey 2016

Bargaining Update #11 — Mediation Session on April 17, 2009

At the mediation session on Friday, April 17, we continued to attempt to work toward settlement of our salary issues. There are still significant gaps between the parties and at this point, we do not have another mediation session on the calendar. Nonetheless, the mediator is not convinced that it is impossible to reach a … Continue reading Bargaining Update #11 — Mediation Session on April 17, 2009